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What Does It Mean To Be a Conscious Parent?

To some, it could mean being aware of your natural and holistic wellness choices for your family…to some, it could mean doing your best to eat organic and non-processed foods… to others, it’s about living a non-toxic lifestyle and being eco-friendly…to some, it could mean creating a parent/child bond that instills partnership in “power with” instead of “power over”…to several, it is striving to model a healthy and loving relationship between the parents…while others believe it to be about co-sleeping, baby-wearing and breastfeeding…to some, it is nurturing a more simplistic lifestyle with less media and less “stuff” and more nature and child-led play…for others, it’s about seeking support when you’re not getting your own needs met or perhaps finding a community that resonates with your parenting philosophies…and for many, perhaps it’s about actually taking that first step in making the choice to become a conscious parent!

To FLV, it can be all of the above.  Yet it is wherever you are at on your parenting path and knowing that it is okay – that we’re all striving to model the best that we can so that our children can thrive!  Conscious Parenting is not about the destination, it is about the journey and the commitment to continuously desire growing on that journey.

Sadly other parenting methods usually depend on a rewards and punishment system which may seem at the moment that it is effective as a “quick fix” but that is exactly what it is.  Like using a spare tire for your flat, it is truly just a “quick fix” – a temporary compliance which can create disconnection and long-term harm to not only the parent/child bond but for the child’s development, as well.

Unfortunately in our modern society, most families don’t get the opportunity to have many members of a village for support. Raising a child can have its challenges – add other siblings or family members to take care of (not to mention getting our own needs met) and it can get a little overwhelming!

So what does FLV do to encourage and support families on this journey?

FLV prefers navigating with tools and resources through several of our programs that help educate us and our children towards becoming promoters for our planet, advocates in holistic wellness, and believers in a more gently guided approach that not only creates connection, it allows children to fully access their compassionate intelligence along with the innate ability to unconditionally love and be loved – which if you think about it, that is really all that anyone ever wants to feel, is to be loved and accepted by others.  So why not BE the shift in role modeling that guides our children with experiencing conscious living where they can pay it forward for generations to come?

There has never been a collective like this one – devoted to the transformation of your family through the lens of parenting with connection, as well as eco-holistic living.

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