Special Interview with Carmine Leo

Here is a remarkable interview that I facilitated with one of my mentors, Carmine Leo.  I came across it again after a year and feel the message of connection parenting within the family, emotional intelligence, nutrition, tribal instincts, rites of passage and many more nuggets of wisdom are so profound that I felt it would be a wonderful gift to share with all of you.






Also, since I didn’t give a proper introduction as to who Carmine Leo is in the beginning of the interview, here is a little bit about him here:

Carmine Leo is the President and Founder of Carmine Leo & Associates, Inc., an organization committed to providing professional organizations, teams and individuals with a unique and proven methodology to develop emotional literacy and authentic being through the application of emotional intelligence coaching and training.

He is also the owner of LifeCoaching.com and maintains a thriving private coaching practice. Over the last dozen years he has worked successfully coaching hundreds of clients from all walks of life and from all over the world, every kind of person from single moms to CEOs, from combat-veteran Marines to teenage artists and musicians, as well as working with clients within organizations such as Raytheon, NASA, IBM, General Atomics, The Washington Post, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many others. Carmine was a co-developer – in collaboration with Pam Leo – of the parenting workshops, “Meeting the Needs of Children” which were eventually transformed into Pam’s seminal book, “Connection Parenting.”

Carmine has traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Japan, and has lived in northern India. He lives with two old cats in an 1834 New England farmhouse, on 26 acres of rolling fields and woods in central Maine. He chops wood, carries water, makes tea, keeps a canoe down by the river and admits to knowing nothing at all about zen. Carmine considers abrupt climate change to be the single, most pressing issue of all that faces humanity, and sees permaculture, community building and parenting education as significant and comprehensive solutions to the dangers of anthropogenic global warming.


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