EAKK! (EcoArt Kidz Kollectiv!)

An eco-interactive environment for our children where they can discover and learn the value of creating fun and educational art projects from recycled materials.  Our local FLVillagers collect household items, as well as items from schools and restaurants to create eco-friendly art projects for the children that not only prevents junk from going into the landfills and oceans but it helps to broaden the families’ perspective of recycling junk into fun art!

The global mission for the EAKK! Program is to form allies with schools, restaurants, organizations and corporations to support the EAKK! projects by donating their “junk” to FLVillages for gatherings and large-scale events.  This not only supports the “junk into fun art” concept but it educates these organizations towards becoming conscious citizens of the world.

Samples of EAKK! projects (decorated with various supplies from home and/or donated):

  •  Shakers made from recycled cans and/or empty toilet paper rolls
  • Potted plant holders made from recycled small yogurt containers
  • Marble maze made from empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls

Most of the art projects are well thought out to match either the topic of the workshop or a holiday.

Samples of EAKK!-themed art projects:

  •  The topic: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Its Medicinal Uses for the Whole Family.  Art project: Sachet bag making with aromatherapy oils and scented dried flowers/plants.
  • The holiday: St. Patrick’s Day.  Art project: Shape of a rainbow pasted on a piece of cardboard.  Children decorate the rainbow by gluing on colored rice (i.e. green, red, blue, etc), learn about colors, and have a story time about leprechauns.

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