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Tangee Veloso-Pueblos is the founder of Family Love Village (FLV),  the world’s leading conscious community, website and iMagazine called the FLVillage Crier for families passionate about parenting through connection and eco-holistic living.   She is also the author of a conscious parenting book called “Taming Your Wild Child: 7 Proven Principles to a Deeper Connection that Fosters Confidence and Compassion While Transforming Behavior, Too!”

The first few months after her son was born, she could no longer bare hearing how disrespectful parents talked towards their children and felt there just had to be another way to communicate with our loved ones.  She soon started researching for resources and was lead to a book called “Connection Parenting – Parenting Through Connection Instead of Coercion, Through Love Instead of Fear” by Pam Leo.  She reached out to her family and friends who had children and created her own workshop around this book which was the beginning of FLV’s journey – which soon lead to monthly potluck gatherings, “FLV Presents”with guest speakers, as well as various programs to enrich the entire family and the planet, as a whole.

Her commitment in creating a supportive forum and a conscious parenting movement by co-creating FLVillages globally where families can be educated on parenting through connection from the many legendary trailblazers before her, as well as learn about becoming eco-friendly advocates and supporting a more natural, holistic lifestyle is the main focus for FLV.  Tangee is an eco-mamapreneur, a performer, a loving mama to her 4 year old son and a devoted wife and best friend to her husband of 17 years.

Michelle Barone is a family therapist and parent educator/natural learning consultant.  She is also a Certified Neuro Emotional Technique practitioner and a Diplomat in Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  She weaves her knowledge and experience together to support and facilitate change and growth in mind, body and spirit. Her passion is helping people live in joy and harmony.

Michelle feels so honored to be a guide for people on their life’s journey.  She love’s homeschooling/unschooling, watching children blossom and families living a life worth living.  She works with adults as they heal and/or transform their life wounds and create the lives they want.

Michelle is the founder of “The Unschooling Summit” and the “Finding Your Way: Unlimited Possibilities In A Natural Learning Lifestyle” support community.  She is also the author of the book, “Finding Your Way: Exploring Your Families Educational Journey”.

Dr. Timothy R. Campbell, D.C., is a licensed chiropractor in the state of California. He has been in practice for the last twenty-five years. After graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles he continued at Cleveland Chiropractic College teaching for three and one half years. He taught chiropractic technique, principles and practice, and was a clinician in the school clinic helping student doctors perfect their techniques and diagnostic skills. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cal Poly, Pomona, and post-graduate studies in Chiropractic Orthopedics (Board Qualified), Applied Kinesiology, Thompson Terminal  Point, Neuro Emotional Technique, Contact Reflex Analysis, Cranial-Sacral Technique, Homeopathy, Herbs, Vitamins, and Nutrition.

Sustainable-living expert, and LEED AP designer, Alegre Ramos has been practicing sustainable interior and landscape design for over a decade and has lived the green movement personally her whole life giving up soda at 11, nail polish at 18 and hair chemicals at 20.  However, her life has not been a perfect upward trajectory in terms of personal improvement.  At 21 her health hit rock-bottom when she became seriously ill after exhausting herself with school/work and surviving on sugary breakfast cereals and frozen pizzas.  Thus began her foray into nutrition and yoga.  At 27 she suffered from adult onset cystic acne.  Thus began her foray into cleansing.  At 32 she began to prepare her body for pregnancy.  Thus began her education into home-birth, breast-feeding and attachment parenting.  Now at 38 she finds herself healthier and more vibrant than she was at 22.

She started Green and Greener (, an eco-living store that was located in Valley Village, in 2006 as a one-stop-shop and community resource where people could learn everything about how to live, work and build greener.  She closed the physical store in 2012 and launched Ember Living in 2013 to refocus on teaching, consulting and parenting.  Before starting Green and Greener she launched numerous new products in the home/shelter industry and managed the marketing of numerous national public radio programs with a special emphasis on environmental programming.  You can find her musing about all things design, edible and philosophical at


Julie Kleinhans is a certified life coach, founder of Mind Focus Generation, and creator of the Super Empowerment System for Teens and Young Adults: How to Create Confidence and Empowerment in Your Life so You Can Feel Free to Be Who You Really Are. She is a confidence and youth empowerment expert who helps teens and young adults release their negative self-image and beliefs, enabling them to go beyond their perceived limitations so that they may achieve success and well-being in all areas of their lives. As a former high school teacher and mentor for over a decade, Julie has guided thousands of teenagers with numerous difficulties such as bullying, peer pressure, drug use, self-confidence issues, academic struggles, and relationships troubles by showing kids how to focus on their strengths and talents and directing them to create a plan of action to achieve their goals and dreams. Her heart-felt approach toward teaching has made her a favorite amongst teenagers wherever she goes. As a certified law of attraction coach, she teaches the principles of the universal laws, which are the spiritual keys to creating a life of happiness and abundance. Empowering young people is what she does best.

Jessica Williams created L.O.V.E. Parenting with a series of techniques to promote effective communication for deepened connection and more joy in parenting and life.  She offers private coaching sessions in her office in Los Angeles, and via phone & skype. Jessica created the Ultimate Parenting Course, an online parenting course with a cadre of experts in the field. Jessica is an Expert for Mothering Magazine’s “Ask An Expert” Forum with more than 1.5 million unique visitors a month, and the upcoming international Jessica is also a regular contributor to LA Parent Magazine, LA Mom Magazine, Daily Buzz Moms and has been a weekly writer for Mothering Magazine’s “All Things Mothering” blog since its inception. Jessica has appeared on “Healing Our World” radio with host Mary Tocco.   Jessica has taught L.O.V.E. Parenting Workshops for the Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center, Birth & Beyond, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, the pediatric practice of Dr. Jay Gordon and Outside the Box Creative Academy. Jessica was a panelist for the 2011 Mompreneur event at Larchmant Charter School West Hollywood. Jessica is a featured contributor to the Conscious Motherhood Birthing A New Mother program. Jessica lives in her native Los Angeles with her husband and their three children.


Kirra Sherman is a Mentor for Intuitive Living and a self-awareness Writer. Kirra’s experience comes from living her Truth first and foremost. She’s worked with Intuitive Leaders Ghazaleh Lowe at the Academy of Intuition and Amir Zoghi at Be Free People, and was formally certified as an Intuitive Coach and Flow Speaker from the OMG program. She worked as one of Be Free People’s Intuitive Coaches before moving to Hawaii where she currently writes for various conscious publications. As a mentor currently, Kirra supports others to find their inner voice, realize their Truth, and open their heart to a greater awareness, acceptance and love. She founded Revolution of Self as a space to experience more flow & Intuitive Living through both her writings and mentoring.


Rebecca Thompson is the founder and executive director of The Consciously Parenting Project. Rebecca has been actively educating parents and facilitating parent groups and workshops that encourage conscious decision-making in family life since 1998.

As a wife and the mother of two boys, she has personal as well as professional experience navigating the terrain of parenting. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with special-ized training in attachment and trauma. Consciously Parenting: What It Really Takes to Raise Emotionally Healthy Families is Rebecca’s first book, and the first of four books in the Consciously Parenting Series.

Ashley Ryan is co-founder of ‘Busy Moms Parenting’ and author of the “Happy Child Guide”, whose mission is to help Mothers achieve greater home, work and life balance through self-love and empowerment. Ashley spent many years looking into the ‘modern mothers dilemma’ of maintaining balance in our busy, fast paced culture. She lived overseas in India and Asia to inquire into this global epidemic working with many of the world’s leading parenting authorities.  Ashley continues to help mothers live  their fullest potential and strongly believes that busy moms have great kids too.



Kathy Gordon is the single adoptive mother of a very spirited 9-year-old boy, but was not prepared for the challenges of parenting
a child whose brain was developed under stress. When her son  was 3, Kathy had the good fortune of taking parenting classes with Ruth Beaglehole, founding Director of the Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting, (now, and she realized this powerful compassionate method of working with children was something she wanted to teach. She has been a teacher, director and coach most of her adult life.

Kathy was certified as a Parent Educator through the Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting in May of 2008, and will now continue her training by becoming a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Parent Educator.  Kathy works with families individually, teaches Parenting Classes and facilitates trainings for educators and schools communities.

Her practice is called Unconditional Connection because we all long for connection, and we long to be unconditionally loved.  We live in a society in which we are continually judged by our behavior.  Kathy offers research-based information and tools to help people look underneath and beyond the behavior, so that we may be more Unconditionally Connected thus creating a world of cooperation and peace.

Owner of Project Alma and Plump in Los Angeles and a nine year burner, Eva Lea has been organizing cutting edge events for the underground arts community since 2003. Now a loving mom of a three year old son with her husband DJ FatFinger, Eva’s taking events to another level including the whole family on the music and the fun. When their son, Rylo, was born she and her husband seized the opportunity to try to be even better parents than their own parents were, and set off on a journey to learn new techniques and schools of thought. Through reading, classes, and workshops their family has learned to adopt conscious, green and non-violent parenting as a lifestyle. Eva joined the Family Love Village in 2009 as a founding member. In 2011, she was invited to be part of the board of directors to enrich this great movement with her expertise as a business woman, producer and mom.

Sonia Von Wike is the mother of three; Tyler 18, Lucas 14, and Sasha, her almost 3 year old daughter. Sonia earned her Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies at Cal Poly Pomona and received her teacher credential there as well.  She taught English as a second language in Arcadia and later taught 1st and 2nd grade at a private school in Pasadena for three years.  She currently is a stay-at-home mom, as well as the leader of the EAKK! (EcoArt Kidz Kollectiv!) Program for Family Love Village.  Sonia’s passions are teaching, learning and caring for her family.

Lauren Tucker is a vegetarian chef, creator of Local Box LA, and mama to a beautiful two year old boy.  Envisioning a world where we live in harmony with nature and with respect for our natural environment, she takes great care to source local and organically grown ingredients for her prepared foods.  Her cooking is inspired by cultures where she’s lived including West Virginia, New Orleans, West Africa, and Northern California.  She now lives and works in Venice, CA and is the Ubuntu Coordinator for FLV.

Crystal D’Angora’s passion for conscious choices in both birthing and parenting is supported by years of Yoga experience, her work with children, and her commitment to a wellness oriented life-style.  Her current work as happy Mama to a 2 year-old, co-founder/instructor of the Light Leaders Yoga teachers training program for children’s yoga, and contributing to FLV as our Playdate 4 A Cause Coordinator, are all great sources of joy and growth in her life.






  1. hi!!! LOVE what you are doing, just wanted to add another marvelous resource to you and your community. I took Miss Faith’s telecourse and it really helped “save” my relationship with my young daughter, she was driving me crazy with her whining, (pushing a button of mine), she helped me see 1) she didn’t yet have the tools to not whine 2)that i could be the teacher and simply model in simple language what i thought her whine was for “oh you want water, then you could say “water please”… within a week she was using words again, with please and thank yous, it was amazing!”… She talks about the 3 Cs that besides connection kids need to feel competent (i do it mom) and that they are contributing!!! (and really don’t we all?!) so i hope you will check out her website, i highly recommend!


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