FLV’s mission is to connect and support families and caregivers locally to learn and practice conscious parenting.  Information, resources, and support allow families to develop a gently guided approach to communicating with their children, as well as the ability to make natural, holistic and eco-friendly decisions.  Our community consists of FLVillagers (i.e. members) of all backgrounds, race, sex, religion/spirituality and socio-economics.  Our ultimate vision is to birth a conscious movement by co-creating villages globally, helping to build a sustainable world now and for future generations.

So what does this exactly mean?  And what’s it going to take for our village to get there?  It means that the FLVillagers are willing to take a stand, willing to rise above traditional parenting.  Traditional parenting as in coercive, fear-based parenting: “You better do all your chores and homework or else no TV.”  Traditional parenting as in bribes and rewards: “If you eat all your veggies, you can have a cookie”.  Or the infamous saying that can become like an automatic redundant response whenever an adult approves of what they’re child is doing.  You know, the “Good Job!” – which if you think about it, creates this relationship for our children wanting to look outside of themselves for approval from their parents, teachers and authoritative figures instead of intuitively having the confidence and appreciation in doing what they are passionate about in order to feel content within.

It takes courage, resources, and the support of others to move away from parenting that majority of society is used to in order to build a strong parent/child bond.  And just like with every new exercise that our brains and bodies learn, it takes practice, practice, practice!   We strive to learn and practice various ways that can create harmonious relationships within the family home, with others and the planet.

Over the last four years, 30+ families have gathered for live workshops with our monthly “FLV Presents” potluck gatherings with speakers & expert panelists.  We’ve shared books, dvd’s, websites, and articles.  More importantly we’ve shared a safe and sacred container for families to parent in a way that feels healthy and right for them.

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