FLV 2 Go and EAKK! 2 Go

The same program that we offer to the families during FLV Presents workshops, as well as the same program we offer to children in the Sprout Lounge with EAKK! projects are also offered to families at bigger events with several added benefits.  The following benefits include:


  • Family Love Yoga & Pilates – This workshop offers parents a fun way to rejuvenate, play, and bond with their child.  Our yoga instructor uses a combination of movement, breath, and meditation methods to strengthen and lengthen your entire body with emphasis on balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as Kundalini techniques taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Inclusive exercises are proven to improve children’s proprioceptive and developmental awareness and at the same time the whole family can enjoy a pleasurable workout!


  • KinderMix Party – FLVillage DJ Daddies take you around the world, through space and time with music that is specifically geared towards kids but still fun for adults!  Families can groove and participate to a clever mix of children’s classics blended with playful grown up tunes.  Interactive dance, rhythm and music games engage children and help kids develop their balance, coordination and self-confidence.


  • World Citizen Baby – is a parent and child music and movement class designed to build a larger understanding of our global community.  We playfully explore different musical traditions using call and response singing and drumming, as well as instruments, movement, and languages from around the world, while giving parents and children a place to grow and develop their own personal communities.

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