Monthly “FLV Presents” Workshops

FLV Los Angeles (FLV_CA-LA) organizes monthly potluck gatherings called FLV Presents.  These can be either with guest speakers or Documentary & Dinner Nights.  This program presents educational topics that harmonize with FLV’s mission.  While the parents are learning in the “adult room” through the presentations, the children also get the opportunity to learn simultaneously in the “Sprout Lounge” using our EAKK! (EcoArt Kidz Kollectiv!) program.

Extensive research on the guest speakers and documentaries are performed several months in advance and scheduled to fit our monthly calendar within a 6-month timeframe.  All documentaries are purchased DVDs that go into our growing library of resources (i.e. books, cds, pdf’s, etc) which eventually can be rented out for a minimal fee to FLV members.

We just recently changed the door fee from $15 per family for the workshop to a LOVE donation of $12 per family – which means no one will be turned away due to lack of funds but please know that every little bit counts!

We provide the Sprout Lounge Childcare during the workshops for our children to play and do EAKK! activities.  There is a charge of $8 for the first child in a family and $4 for each additional child in the family.

We do offer a 3-time scholarship throughout the year to families who cannot donate any monies.  In exchange, we have a bartering system where families can either help setup and/or cleanup before or after the workshop.  Or if families have organizational, social media manager and computer/graphic skills, these attributes are always welcome with helping us to better promote and manage the back-end of our website and/or FLVillage Crier iMagazine.

We are still in the process of becoming a non-profit organization and looking for fiscal sponsorship in the meantime.  During this process, our monthly fees are used to allow us the opportunity to become sustainable until we are a 501(c)3 status.

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