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What is Family Love Village (FLV)?

We are a group of like-minded families that support and educate ourselves on conscious parenting through a gently guided approach to communicating with our children along with eco-holistic living.

Who can be a part of FLV?

Everyone!  We welcome moms, dads, caregivers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, expectant parents, future parents, holistic practitioners, and anyone and everyone wanting to be apart of our community to learn and evolve.  We encourage everyone to join us at all of our FLV Presents gatherings, Playdates 4 A Cause outings, and other activities and programs. Our FLVillage children range considerably in age (from infants to toddlers to even parents to teenagers).  We welcome people of all ages who share a common interest with the desire to learn more about conscious parenting, sustainable living and holistic wellness to join our organization.

What is an FLV Presents workshop?

We host conscious parenting workshops that allow the opportunity for families to connect, support and be educated by experts on topics that resonate with FLV’s vision and mission.  We also host Documentary & Dinner Nights that can be in place of guest speakers to bring more awareness about global concerns.

What can I expect when I attend the FLV Presents workshop?

Expect to get informed, inspired and perhaps even transformed with tools and resources that can aid in conscious parenting and eco-holistic living.  Also expect to receive open arms and welcoming smiles, as well as connection amongst the families.

When do your FLV Presents workshops take place?

We normally gather on the 3rd Saturday of the month and the workshop usually begins at 5pm – 7pm with a healthy potluck dinner that follows.  Please note: there are occasions when we may switch the workshop on a different Saturday due to a special guest speaker coming to town on a particular date or a special event/workshop that is specific to one of our other programs or specific in celebrating the seasons where we may have it during the day vs. evening.  When this happens, we will always notify you ahead of time.

Are children welcome at FLV Presents potluck workshops?

FLV is all about the village.  As many of our parents practice attachment parenting, we like to honor their parenting styles and be as accommodating as possible.  We always welcome babies in arms in the workshops.  For toddlers and older children, we offer the Sprout Lounge for children to be with our conscious caregivers so that the parents are able to fully focus on the guest speakers and the workshop.   Once the workshop is over, we invite the children back into the “adult” room where we can connect with the village and eat a healthy potluck dinner together.

 How much does it cost for the FLV Presents monthly workshops?

We just recently changed the door fee from $15 per family for the workshop to a LOVE donation of $12 per family – which means no one will be turned away due to lack of funds but please know that every little bit counts!

We do offer a 3-time scholarship throughout the year to families who cannot pay the full price.  In exchange, we have a bartering system where families can either help setup and/or cleanup before or after the workshop.  Or if families have organizational, social media manager and computer/graphic skills, these attributes are always welcome with helping us to better promote and manage the back-end of our website and/or FLVillage Crier iMagazine.

We are still in the process of becoming a non-profit organization and looking for fiscal sponsorship in the meantime.  During this process, our monthly fees are used to allow us the opportunity to become sustainable until we are a 501(c)3 status.

How much does it cost for the Sprout Lounge conscious caregiver services?

During the monthly FLV Presents workshops, we offer childcare for families.  Parents and caregivers have the opportunity to be fully present to learn while being re-assured their children are in good hands.

FLV charges $8 for the first child in a family and $4 for each additional child in the family.  All Sprout Lounge childcare monies go to the Sprout Lounge caregivers after the workshop is finished.

Our goal is to have the caregivers rotating out of the Sprout Lounge to learn alongside the parents so that the whole village is evolving together.

What do I bring to the FLV Presents potluck workshop?

Since it is a potluck gathering after the workshop, we request for families to bring a healthy main or side dish to share.  To support staying eco-friendly, we ask that families bring their own dishware and utensils.  This reduces our carbon footprint and brings awareness around not having to continuously throw away single use items every month.

What other forms of support besides the FLV Presents workshops does Family Love Village offer?

We have other programs, such as EAKK! (EcoArt Kidz Kollectiv!) where we collect single-use items from our home and local businesses to make fun art out of junk and Playdates 4 a Cause where we serve the bigger community.  Another wonderful program is Ubuntu where our inner community has the opportunity to support one another.  Some examples of support include meal angel deliveries for families with newborns, mama trades with helping for childcare, etc.  To learn more about our programs, go to the Programs section of the website.

Also, we offer online support through yahoogroups and facebook.  Additional benefits, such as a lending library for families to further educate ourselves on books and dvds is another wonderful tool that we provide for a minimal fee of $5 per family to utilize the library resource.

Last but definitely not least, is our FREE FLVillage Crier iMagazine to even further educate and support families on their parenting journeys that provides articles, tips and news on upcoming FLV events that help keep our community informed, inspired and interconnected.

How do I join the FLVillage Crier iMagazine?

You can join by submitting your name and active email address at the top right corner of the home page (or any page that you may be on).  Once you join, you will also receive your FREE report, “Parenting Through Connection – Dissolving the Wedge Between the Parent and Child”.

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